Periodontal & Gum Procedures

Periodontitis (gum disease) is a destructive inflammatory disease affecting both the soft and hard tissue architecture- gum and bone respectively. Caused by specific types of microorganisms, this irreversible condition irritates the gums. Periodontitis is an insidious and progressive destruction of the periodontal ligament attachment, anchoring teeth to bone. Clinically, this results in the gums becoming detached from the teeth, developing periodontal pockets, inflamed and bleeding gums. If the disease is allowed to progress without intervention the overall bone around teeth is lost, resulting in loose teeth requiring extraction.

Poor or inadequate oral hygiene protocols often cause gingivitis, a reversible condition, easily rectified with regular dental visits & good oral hygiene practices.  Non-surgical treatment is commonly undertaken in the form of scaling the root surfaces of your teeth.  If the tissues around your teeth are not responding effectively to non-surgical treatment, you will need surgical intervention to correct that particular site.

Once the plaque and calculus are removed, it is possible to establish the stability of your periodontal condition however, ongoing visits are required throughout the year to maintain stability long-term.

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